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Aadinath TV channel is a top-of-the-line Jain Devotional channel and Jain Tv Channel, broadcasting 24X7 socio-otherworldly social projects across the world fully intent on giving old tenets of Jainism that our Saints and Gurus taught us. 

Aadinath Tv Channel, an otherworldly Jain TV channel is the world's first reflection channel in view of JAINISM. Jain Tv Channel broadcasts insightful projects, Bhajans of jain bhagwan and narratives that advance harmony, congruity and peacefulness.The channel changes the outlook of individuals and sanitizes their spirit to give them another point of view or a site where they can consider the general public an entire and can work to improve the general public. It means to give true information, right confidence and moral direct for achieving the freedom of the spirit.
Our point is to spread the message of peacefulness towards every living being.
Through Jain Tv Channel - Aadinath Tv Channel we wish to spread bliss all around the world so that individuals get mental harmony and get the point of their lives.


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