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Our inclusion gives a one-of-a-kind chance to arrive at our adherents and different watchers around the world. We have continually attempted to soak up and execute the most recent innovation accessible in the TV broadcasting industry
Aadinath TV channel is a top of the line Jain Devotional channel, broadcasting 24X7 socio-otherworldly social projects across world. Aadinath TV began broadcasting  determined to give antiquated principles of Jainism that our jain muni maharaj Saints and Guru lectured us. Channel is and will keep on making, create and deliver greatness programs giving answers for every one of the issues of humankind through old Jain way of thinking, strict convictions, profound fortitude, jain festival and culture. Aadinath TV have broadcasts over all accross the world with live videos on youtube 24*7

Jain Festival

Jain festivals. are held throughout the year on certain days. Jain festivals are either held to purify the soul or are connected to the life events of tirthankara. The five main events in each Tirthankara's life—the descent into his mother's womb, birth, renunciation, attainment of omniscience, and ultimate emancipation—are frequently linked to the five main Jain festivals.