Jain Panchang

  • May

  • Hindu Panchang, also called Panchangam or Hindu Calendar, is an accumulation of numerous lunisolar calendars used widely in Vedic Astrology. A static method of timekeeping is adopted but differ on the basis of Moon or Sun Cycle, name of months and beginning of New Year. Tithi: It is calculated with the help of position of Sun and Moon, in transit. Tithi is calculated by Moon longitude of Sun longitude. Tithi vridhi is the tithi present at sunrise on the first day, as well as on the second day, and so on. Days- Seven days of the week are: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 2.Nakshatras: The 360-degree zodiac is divided into 27 parts to achieve nakshatras. There were 27 nakshatras in jain panchang. Every Nakshatra is divided into 4 A Rashi consist of two and a quarter of a Nakshatra. 3.Yoga: There are 27 yogas, it is calculated by (moon longitude + sun longitude)/13 degree, 20 minutes. 4.Karan: One tithi consists of two Karan. There are total 11 Karan. Among them, 4 are fixed and seven are not fixed. Karan is calculated by tithi.