Subhadra Muni JI Maharaj

Subhadra Muni JI Maharaj– Aadinath Tv

The 86th Pattadhar in the Pattadhar tradition of the first Acharya Ganadhar Shri Sudharma Swami ji of the current rule of the eternal religion Jainism and Acharya Bhagwant Pujya Shri Subhadra Muni Ji Maharaj. People of non-violence, tenacity, restraint, sacrifice, tolerance, equality, tolerance, benevolence, simplicity without ego, etc. are Acharya Pravar Pujya Shri Subhadra Muni Ji Maharaj, the bright star of the Muni Mayaram tradition, and Acharya Pravar Pujya Shri Amar Singh Ji Maharaj, the Punjab tradition of this era. You are a devotee of meditation, discourse, and Lord Mahavir, a speaker of heroic speech, and a great seeker. You are also full of qualities. It is said that the Acharya of any tradition is as important as the sun for light, and the Dharma Sangha’s chariot naturally always moves under the Acharya’s direction. remains active. Many Jainacharyas have preserved and enhanced Jinshashan’s glory on occasion, and they continue to do so today.

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