Tarun Sagar ji ke Kadve Pravachan

In the Jain religion, Munishree Tarunsagar Ji is a revered saint. Non-Jains as well as adherents of other castes, creeds, and religions have recognised Munishree for his service. He is a revolutionary saint and a philosopher, not just a regular saint. His way of thinking does not include blindly adhering to customs and beliefs. He ignited like fire because he is igneous.

Munishree Tarunsagar Ji is the kind of person today’s society needs to change its vision and profile, to wash away its vices and give it a complete cleaning.

The verses of “Kadve Pravachan” are each worth more than a diamond. The “Sutras” listed in “Kadve Pravachan” are so cutting that they slice through your mental framework. The lighthearted and superficially simple verses are intended to expose the contradictions and distorted social structure. His words and opinions are as incisive and freewheeling as his personality. Although they go by the name “Kadve Pravachan,” I firmly believe that they actually include incredibly sweet ingredients. The delicacy in Munishree’s expressions can hardly be found elsewhere. This is how I personally feel. I’ve been working for him for many years, and he has been so kind to me.

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