Mahavira Teachings

Mahavira Teachings

Mahavira Teachings – Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, taught many fundamental principles and teachings that are still central to Jainism today. Some of his teachings include:

  1. Ahimsa (non-violence): Mahavira emphasized the importance of non-violence towards all living beings, which is considered one of the most important principles in Jainism.
  2. Anekantavada (multiplicity of viewpoints): Mahavira believed that there are multiple perspectives and interpretations of truth, and that all should be respected and considered.
  3. Karma (law of cause and effect): Mahavira taught that a person’s actions have consequences, and that the nature of these consequences is determined by the intent behind the actions.
  4. Self-control: Mahavira taught that self-discipline and self-control are essential for spiritual growth and liberation.
  5. Asceticism: Mahavira himself practiced extreme asceticism and taught that it is a means to attain spiritual purity and liberation.
  6. Non-attachment: Mahavira taught the importance of non-attachment to material possessions and the ego, as attachment creates suffering and obstructs spiritual growth.

Mahavira’s teachings have had a profound impact on Jainism and continue to influence the religion and its followers today.

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