Munishree 108 Praman sagar ji Maharaj

Munishree 108 Praman sagar ji Maharaj

Munishree 108 Praman sagar ji Maharaj is a deserving disciple of Yuga Sagar Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj and embodies the utterance “Yatha Naam and Gunah.” The person automatically gravitates toward himself because of his profound knowledge, innocent selflessness, and laid-back demeanor. His straightforward and succinct approach to esoteric and repetitive topics like religion and philosophy makes him stand out. They present the component of knowledge in the form of philosophy. He has simplified and simplified life practice, removing its traditional complexity. Because of this, once someone comes under his discussion and practice, they become overwhelmed by him and become his own. Munishree’s voice has ooze and charm to it. They are able to express themselves clearly and easily. His speech warms the audience’s hearts and restores health to the body and mind. Every person longs to taste Munishree’s voice when they hear his name.

Today, Munishree Pramanasagar ji is regarded as an accomplished writer, eloquent speaker, sharp thinker, and genuine saint. He now has a new identity thanks to Munishree’s “Shanka Samadhan” program. They quickly decipher the complexities of life. He is a Jain saint like that, and he is talked about and seen a lot in the media every day in more than 100 countries. By modernizing the ancient, Munishree has influenced the younger generation’s materialistic mindset and religious orientation.

In the case of Santhara/Sallekhna, it is important to remember Pujya Muni Shri’s laudable and laudable work for the protection and promotion of Jainism through the “Dharma Bachao Andolan.” You live by the idea that happiness and well-being are for everyone. “Jain Census” and “Bhavna Yoga” represent the culmination of this concept of yours. “Bhavna Yoga” is the act of expressing one’s feelings toward a living being, whereas “Jain census” is an expression of Pujyashri’s simple devotion.

Bhavna Yoga – “Bhavna Yoga” is the name of the modern practice that improves physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual purity. This will allow us to demonstrate the infinite powers that lie within our soul. This is the same old scientific method of meditation that Jain sages have used for thousands of years to benefit themselves. We can bring about a radical change in life by increasing consciousness purification and soul purification through its reverent use on a regular basis.

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